10 questions with Laureen C South

10 questions with Laureen C South

What’s your name? Laureen South

What branch does your spouse serve in? Army.

How long has he or she served? 14yrs and just re-enlisted for another 6 years.

How many times has he or she deployed (if at all)? He is about to leave for his 5th

How many times have you PCS’d? Once.

How many children do you have? I have one, he has one we just had one together 

What are some of the things you’ve done to help your children cope with the challenges – moves, deployments, etc – of military life?

We all converted to video chat capable phones. We placed two clocks everywhere displaying his time and ours. We all wear his dog tag around our neck as well as in my car and bed post. We all have journals to write in for him to read when he gets home so he can too know about all milestones. We have taken a lot of time off for family time lately which we took pictures of EVERYTHING to look at while we are apart. Each child has a Sgt sleep tight as well as a build a bear with a recorded message from dad

Finish this sentence. My kids will be better for being part of a military family because… they will have a stricter structure and organizational skills.

Any advice for the children of military families?

Making a countdown chart, put up another clock with their time as well as ours, voice recorded message from the deployed parent, set up an indivialized email so they can send pictures and keep a journal of milestones. 

Bonus Question:

What’s your favorite camouflage pattern? Digital Camo ACUs

This interview is brought to you by Sgt. Sleeptight – defender of sweet dreams for the children of military families. 


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