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My honey is my hero.

My hero and husband! He’s been in the Army 8 years now and plans to retire after 20.

The one on the left is my Hero... reason being, because he does a job that I couldn’t do. He is part of the less than 1% of Americans who get up every day, put a uniform on and protect what so many have died for. They keep a bag ready, get very little notice to report ready to go to wherever for only God knows how long. They don’t ask questions, we don’t ask.. we just watch them go and pray for their return. They’re all our Heroes.

Cpt Tittle my father (1943-2016).

My son on the right while he was on his last deployment. Definitely my hero.

My first hero my forever 18 year old. Since the day he was born I learned so much. He taught me I was a better person and could get through anything. We survived together through good and bad times. He wanted nothing more then to serve his country from a little boy. At 9 years old he taught me no matter what you can reach your goals. He wanted to be a Navy Sea Cadet and did it. He tuen became involved with the legion honor guard at 10. Youngest in our area ever. He stood there and fought to be one with all the adults. He then a few months later wanted to do a stand down and did it helping homeless vets get cleaned up haircuts showers new clothes and a day about them. He listened to every story they had laughed and made them feel special everyday. For 7 years he went into the woods to feed them every time he could. With or with out the nvhs. He spent his years of high-school all 3 graduating early with high honors. Still doing cadets honor guard and feeding homeless vets. He completed basic and made it through a school as a Seaman first class. On leave he got killed and to this day his legacy keeps me and his little brother going. My youngest 11 is my second hero.

One of my all time favs of my husband and our first born son before the Veterans Day parade in Arizona 💕

My handsome US Army soldier! He surprised his NICU nurse mama after a long 12+ hour shift. I hadn’t seen him in 7 months! (this was after I stopped crying!😊🖤💛

Sgt Tyler Brannan has been on 3 deployments & is currently deployed now 🥰 He’s the one giving high five.

Sgt Randal Morris has been on 2 deployments and currently deployed now. Miss and can’t wait to have him home. 🎗