ZZZ Bears have brought comfort to thousands of children.
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Love it!

It was the perfect gift for our godson’s first birthday. We love the personalization options, and the quality and build were exceptional.

My Police zzzbear

I love my zzzbear.
I believe it was made with love. It’s a little blue outfit and the hat is adorable. I love that his arms and legs are movable meaning that they will stay in one place if I want to have one up one down.

Army Bear

The bear is so adorable and soft! Everyone loved it. 10/10 would recommend and will buy another one in the future.

Custom Name Patches
David Moore
College Snuggle

This Airman Sleeptight was sent to my son's high school girlfriend Sophia, (going on 5 yrs together) Max left for Lackland Texas 4 days after HS graduation. Sophia left for college in August. He is scheduled to return from tech school in mid-November where he will serve in the ANG and attend college. The Teddy Bear was a welcome sight and snuggle buddy for Sophia while Max is away. Nice quality and the customize name patch was the cherry on top. Very happy with the purchase!

My daughter loved it!

My grandson is leaving shortly for the Coast Guard and it’s going to be hard for my daughter. I got this bear for her. It doesn’t matter his old you may be, sometimes you need a teddy bear.
She loves it so much she is ordering one for her son’s girlfriend!
Thank you for providing such a cute huggable teddy bear!

Great product and awesome team

Very satisfying, will not regret sending it as a gift, great communication by the team, and lovely fabric

Love it!

I love my bear! He arrived quickly and was perfect! I gave him to my son who is in the National Guard and he loved it. He especially loved the personalized name tags and rank patches.


Its honestly so cute and so soft! The bear is a perfect size to bring around with you as well! Im so happy with my perchase and would definitely recommend to anyone with a military partner that likes stuffed animals like I do :)



A blessing in a small package

We ordered 2 of them and these guys are fulfilling their duty assignment extremely well. One is at my aunts house helping her with comfort from the passing of my uncle who we had the bears designed for. The other is my copilot on my tractor trailer. He protects me as I sleep and as I travel. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for all the love and care placed in these bears. We love them and you guys


Absolutely adorable! My son's girlfriend loved it!! Definitely get the personalized name!!

Dress blue Marine bear

Thank you. My 16 month old grandson loves his Marine bear. Its so soft and made of great quality!

I bought the bear for my cousin whose son left for boot camp three weeks ago. She LOVED IT. I'm so glad I found your Facebook page.

My grands dad is deployed at the moment and they miss their daddy very much. They love the bears I sent them to know dad is always close by.

Thrilled with the product and customer service

We received our bear and absolutely love it! The uniform is adorable, and the limbs that are moveable made it easy for us to place the bear near our crib to watch over our baby while mom works night shift. Even better, the customer service is outstanding. I love the personal emails, and love knowing we supported a family company. 10/10 will (and have) recommend!

Marine Bear

Absolutely adorable and soft. My son and daughter in law's little boy in the making will have this little guy while dad is away at basics and infantry. Grandbaby love!

Best gift ever!

So soft and adorable! I am beyond happy with my purchase! Boyfriend is almost home from deployment and I can’t wait to show him his mini bear self :)


I got this for my daughter. Her half brother died in Afghanistan. She loved it


I bought this bear for my boyfriend for his graduation from boot camp he loves it he even put it on his bag!

Great Gift

The USMC bear was a perfect gift to a loved one, who recently lost a family member who was a Marine.


It’s a personal reminder of my father and grandfather. It’s realistic and so soft. Just holding it helps relieve tension. Love the fact that it’s a small family business.

Believe me, if you know someone who has been in the military or has a family member this is such a worthwhile treasure. Buy one, two…

Perfect surprise

I had this bear sent to my sons girlfriend while he is away at boot camp for 13 weeks. She absolutely loved it and said the bear and dog tags are of great quality!

Coastie Bear

My little girl Ellie has lost her favorite stuffed animal Coastie Bear and got a replacement extremely quickly and won’t go anywhere without it.

It’s cute but I really which packaging wasn’t just in a bag and actually in a box like displayed on advertisement!!

i was looking for something that i will think of while my boyfriend is away coz he’s in bootcamp then suddenly there’s an ad on facebook selling this cute military bears so i gave it a try. shipping only took a week if i can still remember correctly. it’s perfect! i hope they would have some other uniforms aside from the navy blue one.