ZZZ Bears have brought comfort to thousands of children.
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This is so soft and adorable. I am looking forward to giving it to my grandson on my upcoming visit. It is very well made and arrived on time.

Happy with my purchase!

I love the dog tags they are adorable 💙

I love it. I thought it was bigger.

Dakota Bear

My little girl cried herself to sleep for the first 3 weeks after her brother left for the Marines boot camp. After she got the bear she done a lot better and takes the bear everywhere with her.

Love It!

Being able to choose the rank and symbol for my bear was great! Being able to customize my bear made it feel like my boyfriend was here. I showed the bear to him and he loves it! 😊

Great product

I got this bear as a gift for my momma, and she just loved it. She loved that it had my last name on it and she loves how soft it is.

I ship out to boot camp in a week and I thought I would give her something to just keep some part of me around. When I gave it to her she started crying happy tears and was so grateful. Thank you ZBears

Best thing!

These are a perfect gift. The 1st one we got was a gift to our younger son who missed his brother something terrible when he left for BCT over 2 years ago. My sons girl is visiting for the summer from South Korea so we decided to gift her one to take back with her! Thank you!!!

They were so kind and the bear looks absolutely adorable. I’m so grateful that ZZZ BEARS takes the time to fulfill the wishes of those who miss their loved ones that serve. I highly recommend this product, and it showed up to my door within a week and a half. Absolutely worth it.

Recordable Marine Bear
Kayla Lassalle
Double the love!

We have two 17-year-old twin boys who left for training within two weeks of each other. One joined the Coast Guard, and the other joined the Marines. Before they left, we asked them to record messages for their younger brother. We then had those recordings placed into zzzbears and mailed them to our younger son a few weeks later. He was experiencing difficulty with his older brothers being away and was overjoyed to receive the package. The bears were a perfect gift, and the shipping was prompt. We appreciated the option to add different patches and the voice box's detachable backpack design, allowing our son to enjoy the bears without the voice box activating all night long at bed time. It’s adorable to watch him put the backpack on in the morning! He’s is the happiest little boy, counting down the days to see his big brothers again.

I got this bear because my husband was in the Navy in Vietnam. He now suffers from agent orange exposure. His heart is almost all dead and we have been told it’s just a matter of time now. So I wanted the Navy bear for comfort. Thank you so much for making these bears!!!!!

Love it!

My daughter loved this bear!!! It really helped her cope with her big brother leaving for boot camp!! Thank you so much!

Perfect so well done from every single details

Love it!

I received my Air Force bear a couple weeks ago, and I love it so much. My boyfriend is deployed and being able to customize a name tag and his rank, I can hug that bear and it makes me feel like he’s with me. Thank you ZZZ Bears for creating something so meaningful!

My daughter loved her bear the best present she received...I totally recommend you and will be buying more soon! Thank you Justin

Custom Rank Patches
Lillian Broadway

Great material and I love being able to add my husband’s rank to it!

Custom Name Patches
Lillian Broadway

I love that you can customize the name on it, it really added a personal touch to the bear and it was great material!

Personalized dog tags
Lillian Broadway

I loved the way they turned out, it was really cute!

Sleep Tight My U.S. Marine. Once a Marine always a Marine!

I buying this Marine Sleep Tight U.S. Marine for my Companion with Love.

Love it. W

Was bought as a gift for son's girlfriend. She fell in love with it right away with its softness and cuddliness. Would recommend

I loved everything about them going to order another set.

Custom Name Patches
Magdalena Hernandez
Airforce Bear

This is absolutely such an amazing gift. My son is in basic and it keeps me so close to him. My granddaughter absolutely loves this teddy bear. The details from the cap to the uniform to the dog tag, is done perfectly. This is one of the best gift I have bought online. Love your work, definitely would recommend

My girlfriend loves it

This was the best gift i could've given my girlfriend she loves it and it was worth every penny.

I bought this when my son was in BootCamp. After graduation once he came home. I ask him if he would record something before he left! I listens to it when I am having a hard time. Specially when I miss him. Strongly recommend it!!! I didn’t buy the bear just the recorder.