ZZZ Bears have brought comfort to thousands of children.
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Protector Bear

I gave this bear to my dad for a early Fathers day gift. For I had made a surprised trip back home to see my Mom, Dad & Brother. It was over Mothers day week-end however my family knows with my job in the Hotel industry I don't get many holidays off. So we quite often have 2 or sometimes 5 Holiday's all at one time. My dad is a retired Staff Sargent and has a lot of medical issues. I have heard him say it would be nice to have something look after him a lot like how his squad had his back at all times. When I handed him the box that the bear was in he opened it and a big smile came on his face and said I have my protector.

My Personal Bear

I love my little bear with the personalized name and rank. I thought he would be a little larger than he is but over all I am very satisfied and happy. So much so that I am thinking about ordering another one for my brother.

Good bear

Thank you for the bear it is awesome and will be a great gift for my girlfriend overseas it turned out great

My companion

This is my driving companion in my car. He goes with us everywhere. He is a nice remainder of my father who served in the Navy during WW 2. Thank you for this little bear

Custom Rank Patches
Rhonda Wiggins
Love it

I absolutely love my bear 🐻.
I'm hoping you add a duffle bag back pack to the accessories.


I am very pleased in the Bear we ordered. The product matched the description 100%, and this won't be the last Bear we order. This is an item I would suggest for a parent of a recently deployed Soldier..

My riding buddy.

The bear is awesome, He will be riding with me on my motorcycle in Washington D.C. for the Rolling to Remember ride. In memory of all the military personnel that gave their life for our country .
The only thing I wished was it is a little bigger. But I will carry him also as a reminder of my Dad losing his life at 44 yrs of age due to agent orange.
Thank you for this opportunity to express this great and wonderful bear.

Custom Name Patches
Thomas Goedde
Navy Teddy Bear

Including pictures of the Bear

Myles Bear

My boyfriend was really happy and satisfied with the product, I was as well. Thank you for your service.

Great product

This bear was purchased as a gift for my adult daughter. She is married to Navy Pett Officer who will be deployed shortly. I presented it to her for mother's day.

Bear Back Up on Scene

Before I was adopted I had a stuffed Dog I named Shaggy. This was the only possession I had from my life prior to the Orphanage. I wouldn’t let it go so, Shaggy chased away nightmares at night. Shaggy was working through my Brother and my three girls chasing away nightmares. Shaggy came out of retirement for Grady. He did his job well! Shaggy is about 70 years old now his glass eyes are cloudy and his once shaggy coat is thin.
I decided Shaggy needed help to chase away my Grandchildren’s bad dreams. The Sleepy Police bear has come to provide Back Up . I served as a Police Officer for 30 years and Police Bear has my name and rank, my stand in when I cannot be there.
Now He ( Police Bear) will defend against those bad dreams for years to come.
Thanks to ZZZ Bears.

My son loves his bear!

Personalized dog tags
Frankie Cutsinger

The dog tags I put on the bears along with my husband's name and the dates of his birth and death. The only problem I have with the complete bear is, now I have to order 3 more.

Army teddy bear

I loved it.

Bought Sgt Sleeptight for my daughter. Her husband is on deployment. She put it in her car so he is with her everywhere she goes.

Such a cute bear!

Such a cute bear. Love it and it was delivered so fast!!!

Papa Bear

I bought my Bear in Memory of my Dad HM1 Gerald “Jerry” Santoleri who passed away in 2019! There isn’t a day that goes by I do not miss my Dad especially on Special occasions and I bought my Navy Bear so on days like that I can hug him when I am missing him the most! I LOVE my Bear he is so soft and cuddly just my Dad! Thank you for making Bears like these and May God continue Bless you and your family!!!

Grandson loved the bear

Grandson loved the bear!

Army bear

I purchased this bear for my son to give his grandmother, who recently lost her husband an army veteran, the bear arrived so quickly and was perfect!!!

My wife loves her bear.

I'm a current service member. With a wife who is a huge military supporter. So I thought it would be cute to get her a bear. She thought it was great and loved that the nametape and dogtags were customized. For me the purchase was worth it.


Bought the bear for my great niece and had it personalized with her dad’s rank and last name. I hope she likes it as much as I do. Bear is super soft.

20% CashBack
Ronald Gay
Gift for a friend

My friend loved the bear and especially since it had her husband's name and rank on it. Whiz and I both severed in Vietnam.

Just Perfect!

My husband was killed overseas while serving in the US Army many years ago. Our son was 3 years old and does not remember his Daddy. He now has a daughter and this is the perfect keepsake for her. Thank you!

Love it

After loosing my husband; a disabled Navy Veteran; I bought the Navy bear for the girls in my family. But now the boys want one too. This is a good way to remember him always.


We love our military. Without their service we would not have our freedom. These Bears are a reminder of all who served. Many of us have lost loved ones. Many have solders return who have come home hurting in one way or another. This is just one small way to honor them.