Personalized sleeptight teddy bears
Sleeptight bears

Sgt Sleeptight protects kids as they sleep

Sgt Sleeptight protects kids as they sleep

From fear of the dark to deployments, there are many reasons why kids have trouble sleeping at night.

But no matter what's keeping them up, Sgt Sleeptight stands guard.  And like all brave soldiers, this bear never fails his mission.

☑️ All natural sleep solution

☑️ Part of a nighttime routine that puts children and parents at ease

☑️ Includes bear, storybook, door hang, sleeptight oath and 5 Silver Slumber Star stickers

☑️ Peronalize your bear with name, rank, mask, vest and more 

Sweet dreams in 4 easy steps

Trusted by thousands of families

Available in 8 different uniforms

Proud partner of TAPS

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