When will my order ship?

We usually get orders out within 24-48 hours. However, during holidays it may take a bit longer. You can always email us at Justin@zzzbears.com to check on the status.


How do you ship?

We use USPS. For our free shipping option, packages are shipped using standard shipping and usually take about 5 days. Priority Mail takes 2-3.


What if I need it faster?

If you require overnight shipping, please send us a note at Justin@zzzbears.com and we’ll make it happen!


If I’m ordering a ZZZ Bear as a gift, can I include a personal note?

Absolutely! Just write your message in the notes section of your order and I’ll include a postcard with my best handwriting in the package!



Why don’t you have Air Force bears?!

Here's the long answer. We’re a small, family-owned business and, as you might imagine, it’s quite expensive to bring a new bear to market. When we got into the MCX in 2015, we started making Marine bears. When we got into NEXCOM a short while later, we made a Navy bear. Ditto for CGX and Coast Guard. Hard as we’ve tried, we just haven’t been able to get into AAFES quite yet. However, we recently made a small run of Army bears due to overwhelming demand. We’re now getting that same demand for Air Force bears and plan to have it ready by late January 2018!  


Are the clothes removable?

Sure. Just rip them off. In all seriousness, no, the clothes are sewed on.


Do the bears record voices or have any digital components?

Nope. This is an old-school bear with a twist. The last thing kids need before bed are more electronics.


Where are ZZZ Bears sold?

MCX, CGX, NEXCOM and on Amazon!


What does a ZZZ Bear do exactly?

ZZZ Bears were designed specifically to protect military children as they sleep from bad dreams, fear of the dark and the nighttime anxiety that comes from having a deployed, injured or fallen parent.


Do ZZZ Bears work for civilian kids too?  



How does the Military Grade Sleep System work?

We’ve got that question answered here with awesome photos! https://zzzbears.com/pages/how-it-works


Do you give back to the military community?

That’s a huge part of our mission!  https://zzzbears.com/pages/giving-back


What year was the company founded?

We took our first order in June 2015  


Why is it called ZZZ Bears?

Because ZZZ Bears help kids get their 💤s!