Win the battle of bedtime!

Sgt. Sleeptight gives Army kids the confidence they need to sleep through the night.

Patty M, Gold Star Mom

“Our son has had night terrors ever since he lost his Daddy in Afghanistan. Sgt. Sleeptight was the answer to our prayers. Putting Sgt. Sleeptight on duty has become our go-to routine for a good night's sleep.”

Discover the proven
4 step system that Army families love

Step 1

Put the door hang up on the bedroom door

Step 2

Read the Sleeptight Oath to re-enforce the mission

Step 3

Put Sgt. Sleeptight on duty

Step 4

Award the Silver Slumber Star sticker for sleeping through the night

What's included?

Everything you need to make bedtime a dream come true.

  • Sgt. Sleeptight in authentic Army uniform
  • The Sleeptight Door Hanger
  • The Sleeptight Oath
  • 5 Slumber Star stickers
  • 30 day and night money back guarantee
  • A good night's sleep for everyone

Darlene A, Army Grandma

“What a wonderful idea this is! I just had to get this for my grandson. His dad is deployed and won’t be home until July. The bear is a buddy but honestly I love the door hanger. Just an added comfort to see before going into his room with his deployment bear!"

30 day and night money back guarantee!

Give the gift
of a good night's rest

We know firsthand how difficult solo parenting as an Army spouse is – especially when it comes to bedtime! If you find yourself collapsing onto the couch after putting your children to sleep, let Sgt. Sleeptight and his sleep system give you a much needed rest.

  • Sgt. Sleeptight eases the anxiety of bedtime and helps children sleep in their own beds
  • The 4-step sleep system creates a nightly routine that makes bedtime a breeze
  • Having a bear dressed like mom or dad helps children feel closer to them
  • Every purchase helps support the children of fallen heroes through T.A.P.S.

Frequently asked questions

When will my order ship?
We usually ship orders out within 48 hours via USPS First Class Mail.

Do you give back to the Army community?
We've partnered with TAPS to donate teddy bears to children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.

Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes! If you're not happy for any reason, return your ZZZ Bear for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Does it require batteries?
There are no electronic parts inside our bears. This is a soft, huggable teddy bear on a mission to deliver sweet dreams to Army families.

Teddy Bear - Sgt. Sleeptight -  Army Teddy Bear

Sgt. Sleeptight - Army Teddy Bear