I grew up in a community that doesn’t send many folks into the military. The unspoken, and sometimes spoken, expectation was college. So that's what I did.

Looking back, I regret not having served. I’ve come to believe that military service is not only a civic responsibility but also a means to accelerated personal growth. Almost a decade after graduating college, I got my chance to serve those who serve us all. 

In 2005, I took a job as a copywriter for JWT, the Marine Corps' long-time advertising agency. It was then that I was first exposed to the men and women – captains and commandants, 5-star generals and the Silent Drill Platoon, the Sgt. Major and MARSOC – who selflessly serve our nation in uniform. 

In the seven years I worked with the Marines, I met some of the finest people on this planet, many of whom I proudly still call friends today. Most of all, I gained an immense amount of respect, understanding and appreciation for anyone who serves their country, including the families.

It's my sincere hope that through ZZZ Bears, I'm able to help children overcome their fear of the dark as well as support military personnel and their families who allow us all to live without fear every single day.

Below is just one of the recruiting commercials that I was responsible for during my time as a copywriter/creative director with JWT.

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